ECO-Quartier Heris

Direct acces to the train station: 5 min by foot
Minimal energy consumption
Shopping center, 10 min by foot
Near the city center
Safe environment for children
Near major highways
Next to public parc (Parc Pater)
Low cost of living
Proximity to schools

Quartier Heris is an innovative real estate project on the grounds of the former blue stone cutter Hanuise. Our project reclaims this industrial ground as a residential area and it is ideally situated between the train station of Soignies and the beautiful Parc Pater along Rue de Trois Planches. Our project includes the creation of a road directly to the parking of the train station, allowing you to get there on foot in a matter of minutes and also allows you to reach the city center in just a few minutes more.  Heris was one of the first projects to fulfill enough ecologic and socio economic criteria to be considered as an Eco-District in Wallonia. Heris is designed for a mix of age groups from families with young children to the inhabitants of the Elderly home on site.

Our project in the news: ACTV

To achieve that we offer a range of different types of units such as single family housing, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, reduced mobility adapted apartments, commercial spaces and an elderly home with 100 rooms.  The proximity to the station and walking distance to center means that the use of a car is not necessary to live a normal life. The single family houses will be Zero Energy Houses  and to build 52 such houses in one project is unique in Belgium. Even more remarkable is that these houses will be sold at prices comparable to a normal house. Common to all of the units in the project is the focus on a low cost of living.


Construction of a block D. Lemaitre with 18 apartments has started and will be finalezed by the end of 2019. This will be normal apartments with a complete cahier des charges, nice terraces and underground parking available. The other blocks will follow with about 6 months between the start of each block.

Commercial spaces

We are interested to get in touch with small businesses who have interest to run their activities in Heris. We are particularly interested to get in touch with operators of businesses that provide services to our neighborhood like for example operators of kindergarten, small grocery stores, welfare and health. Commercial spaces should be available both for sale and for rent.


Construction of the first row of 4 houses just next to Park Pater has started and will be finalzed in January 2019. Construction is planned to continue with a delivery of 3 houses every 1,5-2 months.

Row 6, 4 houses 20/9/2018


Heris is interesting for both investors who are looking to buy one or a few apartments to rent out but also offers the possibility to buy a whole apartment block for rental and we can still adapt the layout according to specific requests. We are currently investigating the possibility to construct a block with small reduced mobility flats opposite of the elderly home. The purpose of this would be to rent out to elderly people before they must go to the elderly home or alternative when their partner is inscribed at the elderly home. Furthermore, the close vicinity of the elderly home offer the possibility of quick access to home services which the operator offers. In this same building, it would also be a good place to have commercial spaces as described above on the ground floor.