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Energy / Heating:

The source of the heating is a heat pump supplying both the heating system and sanitary water. The heat pump can provide 3 to 4 times more energy then the amount needed to run it.
We put photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs to produce enough electricity to compensate for the use of the heat pump(s) over the year.


Each house is equipped with an individual mechanical ventilation system D: the stale air is extracted in the wet rooms (bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry), while the healthy (fresh) air is conveyed in the living rooms (living room, bedrooms). An air-tightness test (blower-door test) is carried out at the end of the construction process.

The high-efficiency ventilation system in combination with the high airtightness of the house reduces the need for heating. And contributes to an easily controlled environment.


Water recuperation system:

The water consumption is reduced as much as possible thanks to the maximum use of the rainwater recovered and stored in the rainwater-tank with a capacity of 10.000L. Depending on the consumption, a saving of nearly 25.000L of water per year can thus be realized for a family of 4 people.



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